The fast lane to the cloud

For the OFC 2016 show in Anaheim, CA, Prysmian needed a film to introduce their new fiber optical technology WideCap OM-4.

I’ve created a glossy futuristic universe with retro aesthetic elements like neon colors & 3D wireframe, all this combination give to this movie a modern aspect and a tribute to the technology of yesterday.

PRYSMIAN-DIRCUT.00_00_07_08.Image fixe004
PRYSMIAN-DIRCUT.00_00_00_04.Image fixe003
PRYSMIAN-DIRCUT.00_00_11_04.Image fixe006
PRYSMIAN-DIRCUT.00_00_19_10.Image fixe008
PRYSMIAN-DIRCUT.00_00_13_08.Image fixe007
PRYSMIAN-DIRCUT.00_00_32_02.Image fixe010

Client: Prysmian
Production: Duck Factory
Music: Hypovolemic Shock by Cluster Buster

© 2016

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