Glacier Bay

Motion graphics opening for a film about the "Glacier Bay" in Alaska. As the film is sponsored by the watch brand Jaeger-LeCoultre, I've been inspired by the Geophysics watch and the "International Geophysical Year" by using the "globe" logo in a modern way.



Client - UNESCO
Production - Mémoire Film

© 2014

Selected Works

36 Days of Type: 2019Personal project

Reserva3D Animation

Preposterous3D Animation

Les Machines ImpossiblesPersonal Project

Boehringer IngelheimCorporate 3D Explainer

Namely3D animation

Rolex Excellence2D Explainer

Rolex: Cyber security2D Explainer

Rolex: Infrastructure2D Explainer

AIDES: La PrEP2D Explainer

Infinite JamPersonal Project

One render a dayPersonal Work

Givenchy: Prisme3D Animation

Widecap3D Animation

Unesco: Glacier Bay3D Animation

FSO MayumbaMotion Graphics

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